Conference Fees

The Ninth ICT4D Conference in India aims to attract a diverse audience of regional and international experts and offers discounts for not-for profit organizations as well as further reduced rates for attendees whose organizations or companies are headquartered in low/lower middle income countries as defined by the World Bank. (See the list of qualifying countries Here). Please note that while the availability of those further discounted tickets is limited, attendees from the above mentioned countries are also welcome to register for the standard tickets.

Conference fees are listed in USD and payment can be made in USD or INR through PayPal or Credit Card.

Staff of international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) that are not headquartered in a low/lower middle income country are asked to register under the standard Non-profit category and not under ‘low/lower income countries’ (independent of their location).

Registration fees are non-refundable after 28 February 2017. However, you may send another person in your place. See below for categories and associated rates.

(4 Days)
For ProfitUSD 1300
88562 INR1
USD 500
34062 INR1
For Profit
Low/Lower Middle
Income Countries2
USD 800
54499 INR1
USD 375
25547 INR1
Non- Profit
(Including Government)3
USD 600
40875 INR1
USD 325
22140 INR1
Low/Lower Middle
Income Countries2,3,4
USD 300
20437 INR1
USD 250
17031 INR1

1 Payment can be made in USD or INR through PayPal or Credit Card. INR Rates are reference only as they might be subject to change. 1 USD = INR 68.07 (as of 29th Dec 2016)
2 If you wish to register with the low / lower middle income countries discount, Click Here to see a list of countries that qualify.
3 Please be prepared to submit proof of non-profit status.
4 Includes low/lower middle income country small businesses (i.e. entrepreneurs, fishermen, farmers, etc.)

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