Conference Support & Guidance

Many organizations recognize the value of supporting attendance at the ICT4D Conference and accordingly allocate training budgets to employees. Some training budget policies may require you to present a business case to managers or donors to help secure funding for conference attendance and associated travel costs.

You may be asked to detail the benefits of attending the event for your own personal development but also include how the knowledge you will acquire can help further the programs and goals of the organization funding your participation.

View the applicable fees for you to attend the ICT4D Conference. You may need to research costs of and arrange travel and accommodation for your participation. View a list of recommended hotels with special rates, you may also want to include a sum for insurance, visa, vaccinations and other incidental costs that may arise.

Please feel free to use and tailor the template letter on this site to help you present this request for financial support to attend the 12th ICT4D Conference from your employer, sponsor or donor.

Crowd funding sites may also offer a source of financial support to help cover costs of attendance.

Here are links to some of the top crowd funding sites: