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Mentorship Initiative: Kampala Women in Tech, Transformation Beyond the Conference

Photo from Lusaka Women in Tech initiative, 10th ICT4D Conference 2018

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The ICT4D Conference brings together the world’s thought leaders in technology for aid and development. Let’s harness this amazing resource to create change on a key issue in our host city, Kampala. The conference will host a speed mentoring workshop and offer the opportunity to engage in a year-long mentorship program for young women looking to break into and become leaders in the technology sector.


Access to technology in Uganda:

  • 5% of households nationwide have a computer [1]
  • 2 Mobile subscribers per 100 people [2]
  • 4% Mobile-broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants [3]


The participation of women in the area of science and technology has lagged behind that of men. Although Uganda’s largest tertiary institution has more female graduates than male, there are more male students in science and technology. These disparities impact gender gaps in other areas, i.e., agriculture, which lacks female-friendly technology. By increasing the presence of women in designing these technologies used for labor-intensive industries the perspectives and experiences of women as designers and users will be incorporated and this will contribute to a reduction in gender inequalities. Therefore, a gender sensitive approach is important if both men and women are to participate effectively in the development and implementation of the Science and Technology programs.

Within this context, gender inequities are prevalent:

  • Literacy among females over age 15 is 71.5% compared to 85.3% for males [4]
  • Female-owned farms are 13% lower per hectare than male-owned farms [5]

At the heart of the ICT4D Conference is the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the strategic use of technology in international development and humanitarian relief efforts. And yet, a universal issue that affects every country in the world is gender inequality. Technology has the potential to close the global gender gap but for that to happen we need to take steps that will increase access to all individuals and create more pathways to women aspiring to have a career centered on the use of technology.

In the spirit of empowering young women in a meaningful and sustainable way beyond the conference, Kampala Women in Tech will host a speed mentoring workshop during the conference and offer a year-long mentorship program.




MENTORS – Registered conference attendees, more senior in their career, will be selected to serve as ongoing mentors to the invited tech students and young professionals who wish to take advantage of a new professional relationship.  Mentors will meet with their mentee in the afternoon on May 2 at the conference and set up monthly skype calls for at least a year to share experiences and career advice.

It is recommended the you meet with your mentee for at least one hour a month for the first six months.  After which you can both decide which frequency and duration is ideal.

There are many benefits to becoming a mentor.

  • Increased organizational recognition from peers and superiors
  • Establishment of base of support in the organization
  • Great understanding of issues facing employees
  • Opportunity to test ideas and develop new ideas from gaining mentee’s perspective
  • Acquisition of new information


Become a Mentee

MENTEES (young female tech or development students or professionals) – Support attendance at the ICT4D Conference to learn about trends and opportunities in the sector, applying technology to aid and development.

Preference for applicants that are:

  • Must be 18 & over
  • Female Ugandan undergraduate, graduate students, early career professionals, and those with otherwise acquired skills and passion for technology and innovation
  • From different parts of Uganda (geographically representative group), while conference fees for mentees will be covered, mentees will need to cover their travel to Kampala.

Applicants will be asked to write a short paragraph on what they hope to get out of the experience and rank which competencies they would like to work on the most to help make a match with a mentor.

Register to be a mentee


The purpose of the Kampala Women in Tech initiative is to empower and support the leadership ambitions of young women in the technology space through building meaningful relationships with existing leaders. We recognize too that young women have an abundance of knowledge, insight and experience to share with others too. For that reason, we see the mentorship scheme as reciprocal; a relationship that is mutually beneficial and encourages a two-way exchange and dialogue. Established leaders may use this as an opportunity to better understand the experiences of the younger workforce and current trends in social media, information communications and technology for example.

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