2018 Exhibitors

Akros is a small, woman-owned business located in Lusaka, Zambia. Akros establishes data-driven, technologically appropriate information systems to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged communities. Akros works hand-in-hand with government to develop and implement solutions which ensure ownership and sustainability. In WASH, Akros revolutionized data collection and use through development of a village-level surveillance system that captures real-time data and drives information down to stakeholders and change-agents through robust feedback loops. The Akros team applied these same principles to develop systems for monitoring land tenure, IRS structure tracking for malaria prevention, school-based sanitation and student performance, and participation of AYGW through HIV programs. For more information, visit www.akros.com


Akvo is a not-for-profit technology service provider that builds open source, mobile software and tools, designed to help development actors capture data, make sense of it and share it with the right audiences. Akvo provides its software as a service, backed by a global partner-support and training team. Akvo was established in 2007 to improve transparency and data sharing related to water and sanitation programmes, and has since extended its support to other public and private sectors such as health, education, agriculture, nature conservation and economic development. For more information, visit https://akvo.org


Barclays Africa Group Limited (‘Barclays Africa Group’ or ‘the Group’) is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and is one of Africa’s largest diversified financial services groups. As of June 2017, Barclays PLC is a minority shareholder in Barclays Africa Group.

Barclays Africa Group offers an integrated set of products and services across personal and business banking, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management and insurance. We are strongly positioned as a fully local bank with regional and international expertise.

Barclays Africa Group is represented in 12 countries, with approximately 40 000 employees. The Group’s registered head office is in Johannesburg, South Africa and owns majority stakes in banks in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania (Barclays Bank Tanzania and National Bank of Commerce), Uganda and Zambia. The Group also has representative offices in Namibia and Nigeria. For more information, visit www.barclaysafrica.com


BLUETOWN is a global Internet and content service provider with a vision of making modern connectivity accessible and affordable for everyone, by combining innovative technology and new business models. 4 billion people are currently unconnected, and the potential impacts to their lives from being connected are enormous, whether its economic growth, education, healthcare or strengthened social relations. BLUETOWN is headquartered in Denmark, and has local presence in India, Ghana, Tanzania, North and Latin America. For more information, visit www.bluetown.com


PRISE is an innovative new project funded by the UK Space Agency to deliver crop pest risk forecasts to farmers and commercial producers in developing countries. Bringing together a consortium of stakeholders, including plant protection authorities, space experts, private sector companies, agricultural advisory services and the farmers themselves, PRISE combines earth observation data, field reports, and state-of-the-art crop and pest modelling to provide users with warning of outbreaks and advice on how to prevent and mitigate them. Alerts and support are disseminated digitally via CABI’s network of Plantwise plant clinics and other agricultural advisory services. For more information, visit www.cabi.org


CRS is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. The agency alleviates suffering and provides assistance to people in need in 101 countries, without regard to race, religion or nationality. Our programs touch 100 million lives with innovative solutions and responses to poverty. For more information, visit www.crs.org or www.crsespanol.org


CEC Liquid Telecom has become the preferred wholesale broadband connectivity telecommunications company, both at a national level and within the region.

Incorporated in May 2011, CEC Liquid Telecom is a joint venture between Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc (CEC) and Liquid Telecommunications Holding Limited (Liquid Telecom). CEC Liquid Telecom has constructed a fibre optic network spanning over 6,000 Km within Zambia alone, covering all major cities in the country and providing them with an opportunity to tap into high speed world-class FTTH and 4G LTE internet connectivity.

Through its ambitious infrastructure development CEC Liquid Telecoms now delivers international services into Zambia over six fully diverse/protected terrestrial fibre to London served over 4 diverse subsea cables. This gives its customers the differentiated customer experience that they enjoy.

CEC Liquid Telecom has a direct peering and access to Google and Akamai content (biggest content provider in the world), making it the fastest internet link to most high traffic sites such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple etc.

CEC Liquid Telecom, Building Zambia’s digital future! For more information, https://zambia.liquidtelecom.com/


Founded in 2002 out of Harvard and MIT, Dimagi is a leading social enterprise that develops software to improve service delivery in underserved communities. Dimagi operates on the foundation that mobile solutions are key to improving the quality and efficiency of global development programs. Dimagi’s software platform, CommCare, is the world’s most powerful mobile data collection solution. Using CommCare, organizations build mobile apps that improve the quality and efficiency of services in the most remote corners of the world. Today, CommCare is used across sectors, supporting more than 600 projects in over 60 countries.


Cellulant is a leading multinational payments company in Africa that connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions, and governments with the aim to digitize payments for Africa’s largest economies. Cellulant is building the payment infrastructure that is powering African economies at scale by enabling businesses and consumers to make and accept digital and mobile payments with ease. The company provides digital payment platforms and eCommerce experiences that allow consumers, businesses and governments to easily and simply access and use their money – providing the glue that connects everyone to everything. everyday. For more information, visit www.cellulant.com

In 1969 Esri was founded to help solve some of the world’s most difficult problems. We do so by supporting our users’ important work with a commitment to science, sustainability, community, education, research, and positive change. We support organizations everywhere with ArcGIS, the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics technology platform available. Esri software is used by more than 350,000 public and private organizations, 7,000 colleges, universities and primary schools, and 13,000 nonprofits. ArcGIS applies The Science of Where to connect everyone, everywhere through a common visual language. It combines mapping and analytics to reveal deeper insight into data. Esri Users Create the Maps that Run the World. For more information, visit www.esri.com


FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. Our staff includes experts in health, education, nutrition, environment, economic development, civil society, gender, youth, research, technology, communication and social marketing — creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today’s interrelated development challenges. FHI 360 serves more than 60 countries and all U.S. states and territories. For more information, visit www.fhi360.org.



ICRISAT works in agricultural research for development across the drylands of Africa and Asia, making farming profitable for smallholder farmers while reducing malnutrition and environmental degradation. ICRISAT works across the entire value chain from developing new varieties to agri-business and linking farmers to markets. For more information, visit www.icrisat.org


Deere & Company is a world leader in providing advanced products and services and is committed to the success of customers whose work is linked to the land – those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich, and build upon the land to meet the world’s constantly increasing need for food, fuel, clothing, shelter and infrastructure. Since 1837, John Deere has delivered innovative products of superior quality, built on a tradition of integrity.

In 1962, we made our first investments in Africa and have been supporting African farmers for over 50 years by investing in dealerships across the continent and branch operations in South Africa, Kenya and Ghana. Efforts that have been enhanced by the 2013 addition of a Regional Distribution Centre for parts situated in Johannesburg. For more information, visit www.deere.com


Medic Mobile designs, delivers, and supports world-class software for health workers who provide care in the hardest-to-reach communities. Our software is free, open-source, and deployed at scale in the last mile of healthcare. Evidence-based workflows come together in the software to support health workers and families, helping to ensure safe deliveries, track outbreaks, treat illnesses at the doorstep, communicate about emergencies, and more. We envision a more just world in which health workers are supported as they provide care for their neighbours, universal health coverage is a reality, and health is secured as a human right.

Our global team supports more than 60 partners across 23 countries, with offices in San Francisco, Nairobi, and Kathmandu. Medic Mobile brings a wide range of experience and creative solutions to complex problems, building and delivering technology that works for people who have been marginalized. For more information, visit www.medicmobile.org


Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for government and enterprise customers. We enable seamless communications among government and public safety customers around the world, helping them carry out the mission-critical tasks that keep our communities safe. Our products also touch every part of the supply chain from the back-end operation to the front-end experience and can be found in a variety of industries. For more information, visit www.motorolasolutions.com


NetHope is a collaboration between the 50 leading international nonprofit organizations and the technology sector. NetHope works with its members and corporate partners to foster collaboration and innovation and leverage the full potential of technology to support development and humanitarian programs. NetHope has extensive experience in delivering programs in partnership with its members and corporate partners. For more information, visit www.nethope.org


The Norwegian Refugee Council is an independent humanitarian organization helping people forced to flee. NRC works to protect the rights of displaced and vulnerable persons during crisis. Through their programmes they provide assistance to meet immediate humanitarian needs, prevent further displacement and contribute to durable solutions. NRC is a rights based organization and is committed to the principles of humanity, neutrality, independence and impartiality. NRC works in both new and protracted crises across 30 countries. For more information, visit www.nrc.no


Ona is a design and engineering social enterprise based in Nairobi, Kenya and the United States. Established in early 2014, Ona’s mission is to build world class solutions that combine advanced technology systems with sectorial expertise. We provide opportunities for organizations to make better use of their data to help address some of the world’s great challenges, including: maternal and child health, education, community resilience, agriculture, environmental sustainability, access to infrastructure and government accountability.

Ona’s core competencies include: solution design, needs assessment, system analysis, user interface and user experience design, enterprise and solution architecture, software development, quality control, data analytics, system implementation and capacity building. For more information, visit Ona.


QED works globally with the public and private sectors to improve their performance and manage results. We combine innovative, evidence-based solutions with organizational development to drive efficiencies.

Leveraging our proven experience and unique capabilities, we make complex data insightful and actionable. We are experts in monitoring, evaluating, assessing and training across sectors, such as health, security, agriculture, economic growth, governance and education. For more information, visit www.qedgroupllc.com


Great missions deserve great technology. Salesforce.org puts the world’s best technology into the hands of non-profits and schools so they can create more impact. With Salesforce for non-profits, you can gain a 360-degree view of your organization, from fundraising and programs to marketing and engagement. For more information visit, www.salesforce.org/nonprofit


As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP (NYSE: SAP) helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP applications and services enable more than 378,000 business and public sector customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably. For more information, visit www.sap.com.


Scensei is an analytics and decision support boutique spearheading innovative technologies to help governments, businesses and non-profits to make more effective decisions and augment their actionable advantage in complex environments.

Scensei is a world leader in population data analytics, building high-fidelity simulations and their delivery platforms for decision support. Our simulations use detailed socioeconomic data and valid information on people’s behaviours, covering large systems such as economies of entire countries, regional social media spheres, and supply chains across a few continents. They make it possible for our non-profit, government and private sector clients to manage and mitigate risks effectively and make robust decisions in environments riddled with armed conflict. That is why our clients ask for simulations for base lining, counterfactual analysis, scenario generation and evaluation, and program design and testing in development work, aid, stakeholder analysis, online influence, logistics and security. For more information, visit www.scensei.com


Voltaic Systems designs and manufactures rugged, portable solar chargers for smartphones, tablets, laptops and lighting. For more information, visit: www.voltaicsystems.com