Conference Tracks for 2019

Thank you to everyone who has applied to speak at the 11th ICT4D Conference. We have received around 850 speaker applications for the 11th ICT4D Conference. The application period for speaking positions is now closed and we are now reviewing submissions. We  started notifying applicants from January 14 2019.


Please view the tabs below for more details of areas that may be covered at this year’s conference.

Responsible Data and Information Security

How organizations work with and protect their data and stakeholders is of increasing importance.  Whether it’s securing patient information as part of an HIV/AIDS program or safeguarding the tenets of Internet Freedom as part of a civil society program, this subject is becoming critical to the success of all digital development programming.  The ICT4D Conference is soliciting speakers to present on this important topic.  Themes may include:


  • Human Rights Protection Online & Offline
  • Stakeholder Resiliency to Online Attacks & Censorship
  • Legal Implications of the Protection or Transmission of Data
  • Development of Improved Information Security Tools
  • Mechanisms to Mitigate Privacy and Security Risks
  • Improving Development Outcomes through Data Analytics
  • Promoting Transparency & Accountability through Open Data
  • Comparing Responsible Data Approaches
  • Tools & Applications for Responsible Data Management


We welcome your ideas and submissions!


We are seeking submissions on ict4ag innovation particularly those demonstrating evidence of impact and value to the farmer, and lessons from scalability successes and challenges.

Suggested areas of interest include:

  • Digital soil and water mapping for farmer decision support
  • Linking GIS/land use mapping to the value chain
  • Digital land mapping to collateralize farm plots
  • Digitizing extension services, Field agent support models, (public, private, PPP and or NGO based)
  • Digital financing (intermediated and self service)
  • Single point applications to optimize agricultural decisions (weather, soils, machine rental, market information, crop production advise, pest and disease alerts, etc)
  • Using digital methods to support farmers’ collectives and market linkage activities
  • Rise and impact of bundled digital services to link farmers to services and markets (one stop shops)
  • Shift from intermediated decision support services towards self-service options
  • Use of social media to support agricultural information sharing
  • Use of big data to support farmers’ decision making
Digital Diversity (Gender & Disability)

Half of the world remains offline. This track will focus on how to bridge digital divides, with a specific focus on the digital empowerment of girls and women, as well as how digital can be a resource – or barrier - for people with disabilities. Increasing access is key, but also the need to focus on ensuring our common digital future is created by a diverse set people.

Submissions welcome on topics including:

  • Increasing access and use of digital among marginalized groups
  • Empowering diverse groups to create technology
  • Using technology to fight inequalities and strengthen inclusion
Digital Financial Inclusion
  • Role of user centred design as driver for inclusion
  • Solutions to increase mobile penetration
  • Role of DFS in cross sectoral collaboration
  • Innovation with regulators in mind to secure input and approvals
Education and Digital Literacy/Youth Engagement
  • ICT solutions to support refugees
  • Evaluation and monitoring tools
  • Exploring critical success and failure factors in ICT4D in Ed at scale up, user experience
  •  IT training and digital literacy
  • Exploring the design/intervention relationship

Plus this year the 11thICT4D Conference will showcase some of the best and brightest innovations in ICT4D from young local start-ups from the global south regions. If you are between 18-25 we welcome your demonstrations, case studies and ideas in any one of the conference track themes. We encourage applicants in this category to apply for scholarship during the application process.

Health and Nutrition
We are seeking submissions on ICT4Health or Digital Health that illustrate promising innovations
and successes and challenges in reaching scale, to help ensure that everyone - especially the
poorest and most vulnerable have affordable access to high quality, essential health services.
Specific areas of interest include:
  • Pathways to Scale: Sustainable approaches to reaching scale, both public and private sector led
  • Health Systems Strengthening: Meeting the needs of Clients, Providers, Managers and Data Services
  • as expressed in the WHO Classification of Digital Health Interventions
  • Universal Health Coverage: Solutions that have accelerated progress towards Universal Health Coverage especially those related to affordable access and quality care
  • Principles for Digital Development: Approaches that illustrate how the Principles for Digital
  • Development are being employed in the health sector
  • Innovation: Cutting edge technologies, such as blockchain, machine learning, and AI, that have the potential to transform the way the health system works
Humanitarian Response and Resilience
  • Shelter/settlement management
  • Strategies and initiatives for digital cash
  • Blockchain applications
  • Successful implementation of  data sharing protocols
  • Examples of exchange and collaboration of standards, testing for technology choice
  • Support services provision
  • Emergency communications
  • Managing the transition from response to development and preparedness.
  • Disaster risk mitigation
Supply Chain


SCM Performance

  • Network efficiency and infrastructure: reducing bottlenecks
  • Transparency and predictive planning in the supply chain
  • Analysis of SCM data


Future SCM

  • Automated and autonomous transportation
  • Blockchain for supply chain
  • SCM data sharing initiatives and potential
Water Security: WASH and Water Resource Management

Water security is emerging as a critical issue as fresh water resources—for human consumption, agriculture, and hygiene—are impacted by pollution, over-extraction, and poor management. 

We seek submissions on ICT innovation, building partnerships and awareness in ‘digital water’ focusing on areas including:


  • ICT for water and sanitation: monitoring, analysis, management 
  • Digital payment systems for water services, water tracking
  • Water point mapping and data analytics
  • Predictive maintenance


Water Resource Management

  • Soil moisture mapping and measurement
  • Surface flow and groundwater monitoring 
  • Water efficiency and prediction and management of extreme-event (droughts, floods, disasters, etc.)
  •  Intelligent water provision


Digital Development in Uganda

We particularly welcome submissions from Uganda-based organizations and individuals highlighting examples of ICT4D across any of the themes for the 11thICT4D Conference.



Speakers have been selected with reference to the following criteria:

  • Exceptional innovation in ICT4D
  • Credibility and experience of the presenter and/or organization
  • Clarity of the submitted abstract
  • Relevance of abstract to conference themes
  • Verifiable results and impact of the program/project
  • Extent to which the program/project is replicable and scalable
  • Diversity of speaker or program beneficiary: this includes and but is not limited to gender, age, ethnicity, previous participation as a speaker, region speaker is based


We look forward to seeing you in Kampala in April!

The ICT4D Conference Organizing Committee