Speaker and session selection criteria

Speaker and session are selected on a competitive basis with reference to the following criteria:

  • Showcases exceptional innovation in ICT4D, new perspectives, and/or features diverse points of view
  • Session offers practical and meaningful lessons learned
  • Credibility and experience of the presenter and/or organization
  • Clarity of the submitted abstract
  • Relevance of abstract to the Conference themes
  • Verifiable results and impact of the program
  • The extent to which the program is replicable and scalable
  • Diversity of speakers or co-presenters: this includes but is not limited to demographically (e.g., sex/gender, age, ethnicity, disability) and geographically diverse panels
  • Session is interactive, making the most of the participants being present in person
  • Sessions should have a good mix of subject matter experts from the private, public and NGO sectors
  • Sales pitches for solutions or initiatives will not be accepted