Additional tips to make a strong case for your attendance

Use the ICT4D Conference as a professional development opportunity

When discussing the 12th ICT4D Conference attendance with your manager, tie your capacity-building building goals and future development to specific sessions and training opportunities or knowledge you need.

Offer to train others in what you learned

You can pitch your trip to the ICT4D Conference in Accra as a way to bring knowledge and information back to the rest of your team or organization. You can train your colleagues or partners on good practices, share new innovations and trends, and general tips you learned at the conference.

Please feel free to use and tailor the template ‘Letter to your manager’ to help to request for financial support to attend the 12th ICT4D Conference from your employer, sponsor, or donor.

Crowdfunding sites may also offer a source of financial support to help cover costs of attendance.

Here are links to some of the top crowdfunding sites: