CRS Registration Guidelines


1. If you already have an account (via submitting an abstract or being on a panel), Log in to your existing account, then click on the Registration page in the navigation bar.

IMPORTANT: Should you purchase a ticket without logging in, we cannot assign the registration to the account you submitted an abstract with.


2. If you do not have an account yet, proceed directly to the Registration page.


3. Select your CRS with POET Code ticket from the two options presented.


4. Once you have made your selection, you will be taken to the registration form.

Please wait for five seconds for the form to load fully.

Once fully loaded, you can see your selected ticket type in the “Choose ticket” column and the “Number of days attending*” field preselected.

Registering multiple participants:

Scroll up to see the “Number of participants” set to “1”. Change this if you are registering multiple participants.

Each participant can use a different POET code and an account will be generated automatically for them.

For the question, “What is your POET code?*”, the POET required format (A.B.C.D) is:
A. Enter the 6-digit Project Number
B. Enter the 3-digit Expenditure Organization Code
C. Enter the 6-digit Expenditure Type Code
D. Enter the 3-digit Task Number

Do not leave any spaces. POET codes will be verified and charged before the ICT4D Conference.



5. If making registrations for multiple participants, use the correct e-mail address for each person. Do not use a single e-mail address for all.

If logged in to your account, tick the auto-fill option for faster registration.


6. If you need a visa support letter, please provide the following information:

  • First name as shown on your passport*
  • Middle name as shown on your passport
  • Last name as shown on your passport*
  • Passport number*
  • Nationality*

*Compulsory fields

An e-mail notification from will be sent when the visa support letters are available to download from your account.


7. Use CRS in the “Got a discount code?” field on the bottom right corner of the page and click “Apply“. Afterwards, click “Checkout” and complete the billing page.


8. Once the billing page has been completed, you will receive e-mail notifications from

IMPORTANT: Confirmation emails and invoices will state “Free” and “0 USD”, however POET codes will be verified and charged before the ICT4D Conference.

For registrations made by December 18, 2023:
Full Conference (2-days) – Early Bird: $400.00
Daily Ticket – Early Bird: $208.00

For registrations made December 19, 2023 onwards:
Full Conference (2-days): $450.00
Daily Ticket: $234.00

General conditions

View the ICT4D Conference Terms and Conditions.