Digital Tech & the Food Crisis


How are digital and data innovations used to address the food crisis?


Environmental degradation and climate change as well as social inequalities and conflicts are increasing, and threatening the livelihoods of millions. Food insecurity has doubled in the past two years, food prices are rising, and the World Food Programme estimates 45 million people are currently on the brink of famine. *

This podcast aims to provide practical insights on how digital technologies and data innovations are applied to address the global food crisis. Featuring short 15-minute interviews with experts in agriculture, disaster prevention, ICT and data technology companies, investors, and government agencies.


Episode 1: The role of ICT and data to improve food systems


Thembani Malapela, Knowledge and Information Management Officer at FAO e-agriculture, explains how digital technologies and data impact global food systems and address the food crisis.

Episode 2: Lessons learned using digital agri innovations in Africa


Nixon Mageka Gecheo, Senior Program Officer, Digital Systems & Solutions for Agriculture at AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa), shares lessons learned and examples of using digital agriculture innovations in Africa.


Tune in every Wednesday for a new episode! Including interviews on

  1. Low tech at scale to support small holder farmers (success stories, challenges, trends)
  2. GIS: geolocation location devices, remote sensors, advanced autonomous imagery
  3. Big data and AI/ML technology
  4. Microfinancing for small-holder farmers
  5. Investing ICT4Ag innovations


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