Digital Tech & the Food Crisis


How are digital and data innovations used to address the food crisis?


Environmental degradation and climate change as well as social inequalities and conflicts are increasing and threatening the livelihoods of millions. Food insecurity has doubled in the past two years, food prices are rising, and the World Food Programme estimates 45 million people are currently on the brink of famine. *

This podcast aims to provide practical insights into how digital technologies and data innovations are applied to address the global food crisis. Featuring short 15-minute interviews with experts in agriculture, disaster prevention, ICT and data technology companies, investors, and government agencies.


Episode 8: Using AI to detect pests in crops in Tanzania

Benedicto Hosea, CEO at Mboni ya Vijana, partnering with Plant Village, explains how they have implemented a global AI app to help farmers in Tanzania with detecting pests in staple crops, and further improve their knowledge for resilience.

Episode 7: Digitization & farmer’s behavioral change

Worlali Senyo, Head of Corporate Services at Farmerline, explores how to encourage (small-holder) farmers to digitize and inspire social behavioral change for more resilience and agricultural productivity.

Episode 6: Setting up a market monitoring dashboard for food security

Sonja Perakis, Senior Market Monitoring Advisor, and Janeen Cayetano, Data and Geospatial Analyst, at Catholic Relief Services discuss the importance of data-driven response to food security and explain how to get started with a market monitoring dashboard.

Episode 5: AI for climate adaptation

Leila Toplic, Head of Emerging Technologies Initiative at NetHope, demonstrates how AI can assist vulnerable communities in adapting to the effects of climate change. She shares three examples of anticipatory action, climate-smart agriculture, and AI for environmental protection. [Publication referenced ‘Digital for Climate Adaptation and Resilience’]

Episode 4: Improving livestock farming with big data

Anthony Whitbread, Principal Scientist at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), demonstrates the importance of big data for healthy livestock systems and empowering female farmers.

Episode 3: Scaling agriculture extension apps

Franziska Atwii, Team Lead of the Innovation Lab in Kampala at Welthungerhilfe, reveals how they are designing and  customizing two different agriculture extension apps for each country to better support smallholder farmers.

Episode 2: Lessons learned using digital agri innovations in Africa

Nixon Mageka Gecheo, Senior Program Officer, Digital Systems & Solutions for Agriculture at AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa), shares lessons learned and examples of using digital agriculture innovations in Africa.

Episode 1: Role of ICT and data to improve food systems

Thembani Malapela, Knowledge and Information Management Officer at FAO e-agriculture, explains what impact digital technologies and data have to improve global food systems and address the current food crisis.


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