Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the ICT4D for Malaria Elimination Conference?

The virtual ICT4D for Malaria Elimination Conference is aimed at global health and digital development experts to advance knowledge exchange and build capacity on ICT4D to drive more impactful use of digital technology and data for malaria elimination.

This includes representatives from non-profit organizations, charities, community-based organizations, private sector, entrepreneurs, consultancies, research institutions, academia, government agencies, policy makers, multi-lateral agencies, investors, donors, and/or development banks.


How do I register for the ICT4D Partnerships Conference?

Register for the conference here by April 26th.

Registration is free, but spaces for networking are limited.


Program & Speakers

Please note that circumstances beyond the control of the conference organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations, or cancellations of a speaker and /or program topic.


When will I receive instructions for attending the ICT4D for Malaria Elimination Conference?

After you register for the event, you will receive a confirmation email from

By March 30th, a detailed agenda with links to the conference sessions, and an invitation to join the event platform Pathable will be shared with all registered attendees.  Please check your spam folder for messages from for more information.


What do I need to do on the day of the event?

Ensure that you have access to Zoom either via the browser application or desktop version. Ensure that you have access to the Pathable application where you can find the links to join each session. If you have any problems email


Who can I contact to get technical support during the event?

For participants, please contact with any problems.

For session leads and speakers, each session will have a technical backstop providing on the spot tech support to anyone that may be having technical difficulties. Please check your spam folder for messages from for more information.


What data privacy protections will be in place for this event? Generally, we at the ICT4D Partnerships Conference are collecting your personal information for the following reasons in relation to the event:
(1)   So we can give you a log in (user account) for the Pathable app,
(2)   So we (ICT4D Conference) can contact you during and after the event.

All ICT4D Conference events are subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

The ICT4D Partnerships Conference will utilize the virtual event platform Pathable for networking, agenda planning, and resource sharing. You can find Pathable’s privacy policy here: Any personal information that you publicize (via your profile page, etc.) on Pathable will be publicly accessible. Private messaging an attendee or a speaker in Pathable does NOT reveal the email address used to log in to Pathable.


Future Marketing Activities: Contact information will be safeguarded by the ICT4D Conference as identified in the ICT4D Conference Privacy Policy


Can I access and view recordings of any sessions from the conference?

Yes! All conference sessions will be recorded and will be shared with those who attended the conference and beyond. Networking sessions will be accessible live only without any recording.


Anti-Harassment Guidance

The ICT4D Conference is dedicated to providing a productive and informative online conference experience. We do not tolerate unprofessional behavior or harassment of conference attendees in any form. Conference attendees violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference, at the discretion of the conference organizers. If someone is made to feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it. ICT4D Conference organizers can be contacted via

View our Virtual Etiquette here.