What are the digital development trends and drivers in Burkina Faso?

CRS is organizing its second ICT4D Conference in Ouagadougou on June 9 and 10, 2022, to explore how digital innovations can support the successful implementation of humanitarian projects and programs in a context of insecurity. About one hundred actors from different backgrounds and sectors will come together to exchange of ICT4D applications in Burkina Faso, addressing topics such as:

  • ICT4D innovations and project implementation in a context of insecurity
  • Case studies and lessons learned from ICT4D practitioners
  • Innovative technologies and adaptation to the current Burkinabe context, including:
    • Data visualization
    • Remote monitoring
    • Reporting
  • Discussion between state and private actors on opportunities and barriers to emerging ICT4D applications and digital transformation in the country


For more information about the French language and in-person conference, please visit: www.ict4dconference.org/burkina-faso/