ICT4D Partnership Conference

The ICT4D Partnerships Conference on January 12 is an inclusive virtual event for 2000+ global actors involved in digital development and humanitarian response collaborations.

  • Strengthening cross-sector partnerships in times of physical distancing
  • First-hand advice on responsible data sharing, ethical tech considerations, and capacity building
  • Good practice for establishing, maintaining, and evaluating strategic collaborations

Free to attend

for individuals representing an organization involved in digital development or humanitarian response or supporting those (e.g. implementer, technology, research, government, policy maker, community-based organization) and actively involved in building, managing or evaluating partnerships. -> Register HERE


Agenda with 20+ sessions exploring topics such as:

New partnership models

  • Innovating together: co-creation of digital development initiatives and early access partnerships with product providers
  • Partnering for scale
  • Innovative social media partnerships

Supporting local partners

  • Discussing shift of shared decision making and responsibilities
  • Impact of COVID-19 on how we establish and manage partnerships

Ethical considerations in ICT4D partnerships

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning collaborations
  • Health data sharing
  • Ethical awareness for tech partners

Teaming up for capacity building

  • Ed-tech collaborations
  • Data literacy: diagnosing data capacity and designing fit-for-purpose training programs
  • Capacity building and data sharing in humanitarian GIS partnerships

Multi-sector partnerships and knowledge exchange

  • Cross-sector partnerships for safeguarding
  • Risk and legal considerations of partnership agreements


Partners include:




Want to join as partner or supporter of this event? Or suggest a speaker or discussion topic, please contact us at ICT4Dconference@crs.org