Digital Innovations for Humanitarian Response by NetHope Solutions Center

Date and Time
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM PST

ICT4D Webinar: Digital Innovations for Humanitarian Response by NetHope Solutions Center

Digital technology is a key enabler in effective and timely humanitarian aid; it allows aid organizations to improve collaboration and communication and makes the emergency response more beneficiary-driven. ICT innovations give affected people a voice and a tool to self-organize.

This webinar, part of an ongoing series around ICT4D, will explore new ICT innovations to better reach and engage communities during and after disasters, conflicts or emergencies.

Expert speakers from diverse backgrounds will introduce new innovations, including digital housing platforms; give insights on how to determine which ICT technologies to prioritize in your response efforts; introduce user-friendly designs and sustainability; and describe what the tech industry has in store to support future humanitarian response.

Daniel Coughlin, Deputy Director, Product Management and ICT for Programs, International Rescue Committee

Michael Waugh, Global Adviser Shelter and Settlement, Norwegian Refugee Council

Travis Heneveld, Director United Nationals and International Accounts, Motorola Solutions

Sonja Ruetzel, ICT4D Conference Manager, GKIM, Catholic Relief Services

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